Tips/insight on how to keep my scripts/custom workflows from being stolen?

Before I ask my initial question, yes, I am acknowledged that there’s not at all a single, entirely secure, perfect, way to prevent code workflows/loaders from being plagiarized, leaked, or used without permission.

As I am finishing up some entirely custom self-made movement and camera modules designed to allow the player to move and look around in a way far different from the default Roblox Character method,

I just now realized that practically any code that’s used for said execution in both the camera and movement is visible to any exploiter or user that happens to pull up information about their client and what’s inside.

I would like as many of you as possible to share your insight on your procedure (or what you believe works best) to protect your local code as well as possible. (Again, not 100%)

Side notes

I am NOT currently working with a team or any other user at all - absolutely all of my custom modules and local scripts are saved into files locally and my Roblox website inventory is private

I’ve heard about something called “Code obfuscation” that acts as a secondary layer of security to your code although if analogized - It’s like a jar of peanut butter that is simply opened by untwisting the lid. Obfuscated, to achieve your task (Which is the same thing - opening the lid), you now have to open the lid by (with effort) figuring out how to get through new, unheard of (can be complex) lock mechanisms on the lid.

I also assume there is some form of method that allows “encrypting” of local code by pre-loading your modules or desired local scripts?

In end, I’m just extremely paranoid as to the consequences that could possibly happen if any of my code was leaked. (Very long story, but yes, it’s code worthy of being an open sourced series of amenities, but I’d rather not release it for security reasons.)


This question’s been asked many times, please make sure you search first before posting topics.

You have zero luck on this topic if the work is on the client-side and obfuscation is a bullet in the foot for you. If you fancy the thought and false illusion that obfuscation is helpful, then by all means go ahead. Performance will be over your shoulder to give you nightmares though and so will attempting to refactor, modify or add to existing code.

No you cannot encrypt client-side code. Requiring modules just returns an instance of it and you can’t preload LocalScripts in the first place. Preloading and encryption are two different subjects altogether.

If you’re doing anything sensitive on the client then you really need to rethink your game structure.

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Thank you very much for letting me know. I’ll take all of what you said in mind. :+1: