Tired of Scammers? Read this

I’m Metamorphist a Developer, and animator.
I proceed to grow on roblox and hope to inspire those who notice me.

what are scammers?
Scammers are bots that join roblox game linking a site that is supposedly suppose to give ingame stuff including robux, limiteds, and clothing.

These are all scams, do NOT trust any
of these website links as they are made to take
your information and accounts.

You can help ROBLOX remove them by:
reporting the bot ingame or on search
Send bots user to a admin using messages
set up a team for your game to ban the bots
turning off your ingame chat
adding a anti- to remove the bots

Scammers cannot give ingame currency or items, there is only 4 ways to get ingame currency, creating games, group funds, DevForum, Or buying it, which means these websites are fake.

Wait what? People are thinking its funny
to send these links ingame?, i recently
joined a game, where i found a young
player spamming the website and saying
“Use this website”, Which is very disappointing
to see people actually do this, due to people
who could actually believe them and proceed
to use the website? If you see this DONT.
these young & disrespectful players are
intentionally trying to do a “Joke” that is
way to far, so do not trust these players
if you see one spamming in game or on
a group, report this user.

This is overall my Favorite post.