Title appears to be incorrect in Mobile

Expected Behavior

It should appear the title of the page in mobile like what you see in PC

Actual Behavior

It doesn’t appear to be right, it appears ad @msix29’s slider class module

Issue Area: URL Title
Impact: Low
Issue Type: Other

This isn’t the websites problem. Check your link by clicking on it.

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it was different though :confused: (P.S. It is a mobile bug, not a PC bug)

Here’s the full screenshot

Hello! I noticed recently that you can actually change your mobile website appearance to a computer website appearance even though you’re on mobile… do you have this enabled (this may be the cause of the glitch)?

I had that enabled on my iPad browser

Request a desktop website. If you really want, switch to Safari.

It’s already requested desktop site :confused:


bruh what the hell is going on in mobile…

I dont get it? this is not a bug this is literally your browser format

that is chrome, which is literally the same as mobile. on pc.

it’s a mobile bug, in pc, it’s fine

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