Tix are back! Yay

Looks like roblox is having a second thought or @Sorcus is pulling a huge prank q.q

https://www.roblox.com/Gentlemans-Spring-Hat-item?id=409738859 selling for tickets and 137+ people own it

https://api.roblox.com/my/balance now has tickets in there I think they were removed when tickets were removed…

@nomis002 posted this on skype so thought I should report it.

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Well some people still had tickets even after they were removed because they didn’t TC. They may be reenabling them again so that people can get rid of their tickets.

I think it’s just a way for those who still had tix to buy something to prove that they still had tix, the hat would be pretty rare with everyone transferring their tix. It’s a good idea/easter egg.

It was simply an accident in my opinion. Tickets were never essentially removed, just hidden.

Your ticket balance still exists, it’s just hidden on the site. This was probably an accident… or Sorcus was trolling, as usual.

Price of the item has been corrected to 100R$ now

thats a bit unfair imo… hundreds of people get it for basically free when those who did what roblox told them to now have to pay 100 R$ (Not that its a lot…)

I mean think of the poor :frowning:

Eh, luxury problems at best :sweat_smile:

So glad I got this on an alternate account for 100 tix.


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I got one for cheap that way as well.

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I still have 30 tickets left, that’s what it says on the api but all of sudden I have the urge to transfer my 30 unused tickets to robux :frowning:

I have 10 from when I was going to buy the last ticket item, but forgot to :(