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Jedi Temple on Tython - Update Logs


This document was created by @ZeroSicarius to log all the updates for The Jedi Temple on Tython.

Update Logs - 1.03

Jan 18th, 2022
Webhooks fixed
Webhooks fixed - using instead of

Update Logs - 1.02

Jan 1st, 2022
Christmas Theme Removal
No more Christmas theme.

Update Logs - 1.01

Dec 7, 2021 ~ Dec 14, 2021

Christmas Theme / Other updates / Bug Fixes

The best time of the year… Christmas Theme:

  • Terrain changed into snow, ice, glacier… etc.

  • Christmas-themed TG Morph:

  • Bubble chat color changed to christmas theme (Red, green…)

Other updates:

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed the entrance/exit to the funeral chamber

Update Logs - 1.0

Dec 1, 2021

New Map

New planet ‘Tython’ published to replace the Jedi Enclave.

  • New saber animations bought from @top10animetraps

  • New overhead GUI

  • Customizable kybers using the badges from Ilum

  • TG spawn that is a combat area at the same time

  • Teleporters

  • Capture Points

  • Force Pull/Force Push

  • [WIP] Library

  • [WIP] Credit System