TNI:C DT Place Information

TNI:C DT Place Information

In-game commands

TNI:C field marshals and above have access to Kohls admin and terminal admin.


:official - This will start the raid.
:unofficial - Declares defenders as winners and ends the raid.
:changemax [number] - Changes the terminal max points value, number can be in between 100 to 1800.
:changeraidid [groupid] - Changes the raiding group.
:dlimit [number] - Sets the defenders team limit.
:rlimit [number] - Sets the raiders team limit.
Anyone over the limit is automatically teamed into lobby.

Warrant officer+
!reserve - Reserves a server and teleports everyone in your server into the newly reserved one.
!joinreserve - Forcefully makes you join the reserved server without having to be accepted.
!accept username/all - Usable only within the reserved server, accepts people into it.

Hydro only commands

:day - Self explanatory.
:night - Self explanatory.
:fog on/off - Either reduces the fog, or restores it to default value.
:forceflood - Forces flood event.

How does flood function?

To initiate a flood sequence, you must click onto the terminal when it’s not on cooldown. Terminal is located on right side for raiders and left side for defenders.
You have 6 seconds to run away from the flood. After set amount of time, lights will flash and flood will be automatically lowered.

Private server support

Owner of said private server has access to admin tier commands in Kohls and terminal admin.