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Hello there, fine ladies & gentlemen of the developer forum.

I am planning to start a new state. I have large plans for it and indeed have the funding to start it up. As you know, I do require a development team to start this community. For that, I will be recruiting one or two individuals. I plan to hire for the following occupations:

  • 1 Head Developer
    (proficient in scripting & building, general structures and with ROBLOX terrain)

  • 1 Developer
    (proficient in either scripting or building, preferably both)

There will be a contract, to be officially made in the coming days. As a brief outline of what this will state, there will be a set price, around (R$ 150,000). This amount will be split between the two developers. We will have set payment cycles defined in the contract. For example, upon the county reaching 50% completion, a certain amount will be divided between the developers and paid out. The Head Developer may also hire more people for the team, though it will take funding from the budget for the project for themselves- and it will be evenly split for the amount of work each developer does.

Additionally, to ensure development progression does not slack- there will be a clause which states that, say, every week late, a certain amount, such as R$ 2,500 will be deducted from the payment. Of course, if you do not agree with this term, you are free to not attempt to achieve the position.

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