To change this generation or to keep / modify it

So im working on this generation script thats kinda like Dungeonify

“why dont you use dungeonify?” i like the feeling of originality that i get when i attempt to make my own scripts

it works, mostly (will sometimes fail early), no collisions although :slight_smile:

but i get stuff like this
where i wish it would kinda either open up / or replace the wall with like a “barred off one” like ones similar from identity fraud

The "Barred" Door


now to the main point, i was thinking of changing this so it generates a floor then some walls, although I’m afraid it will look more like a type of backrooms than something like how identity fraud has it

also here’s the place if you wanna check it out yourself

TestPlace.rbxl (50.3 KB)

(if you also have any knowledge on how to make it better please let me know, id appreciate it very much :pray: )

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could still use an opinion on this :pray:

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