To-Do; a Utility Plugin

Hey there,
The other day I released my plugin To-Do Utility

What this plugin allows you to do is essentially create a to-do list for your game and check items off.

The plugin

  • Allows you to Add Items
  • Allows you to Remove Items
  • Saves a list for each individual game, not universally (different game, brand new list)
  • Supports Light and Dark Studio Themes

Essentially helps with time management or helps you keep track of what you need to do next.

Team Create Support has been added, demo:

Click here for the demo link.


I’m more of a practical person and prefer to take my notes either by creating text files, module scripts with comments in ServerStorage or using pencil and paper in real life. I’m generally not organised about this kind of stuff and change my preferences and habits every so often. My desktop is littered with notes and lists for things.

In the long-run I still prefer pencil and paper, but I have to say that you’ve got one fine-looking plugin here. Awesome work.

I just have a question for you: what are you presently using to save lists? If you are using DataStores, I can’t consider it’s usage. The amount of times I allow Studio API access is split 50-50 during production as a safeguard against both myself and anything running without my express knowledge (some plugins are obfuscated or hidden in some way - either via private modules or odd methods in which inserting the plugin returns a random non-script Instance). If the plugin cannot access DataStores, that might be problematic in trying to use it. In addition to this, I don’t want DataStores that aren’t explicitly associated with a script in my game being instantiated and filled with data or one that may conflict with my current DataStores (i.e. if the plugin uses a “ToDo” DataStore, while somehow I have one as well). If it uses SetSetting, then there should be relatively no issue.

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No worries - it uses SetSetting and stores the list content, along with the placeId it was added in. This way allows the plugin to keep track of which list items to load in when they open a game in Studio. :slight_smile: Thank you for the compliment!

The only thing is, with Team Create it’ll have to use DataStores in order to be able to share lists, but that wont be a thing for a bit sadly.


May I suggest sending the notes to a value in ServerStorage that the other people in team create could view in their plugin? Might be a bit better to use than datastores I think!


Interesting I didn’t even think about this!
I will definitely add that sometime today, thank you so much!