To-Do List – Manage projects and tasks efficiently [Plugin]

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This plugin allows for straight forward management of projects and tasks effectively. Easily manage tasks in projects with priorities, due dates and of course stages of completion.

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  • More customizability

  • Project overview – Shows percent to completion, and other project details

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If you keep getting an error saying something along the lines of “Bad export or load request. If this problem continues your data may be corrupted, visit (Dev forum link) to resolve.” then most likely your data has been corrupted just after attempting to import something. To my knowledge, the only solution for this is to go to your plugins folder and find this plugin, inside the folder there should be a JSON file called settings. Delete that file and it should resolve the issue. Note this method wipes all of the plugins saved data.

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  • The red, amber or green square at the end of the task shows uncomplete, in progress, complete.

  • The red, amber or green letter adjacent to the square indicating the state of the tasks, is the tasks priority.

  • The blue “I” is a button that shows the description of the tasks

  • As you can imagine, the pencil button edits the task.


  • The options button can be used to remove all completed tasks or order all the tasks in order of priority or completion.

  • Exporting and importing data can be done through the file menu.

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I may make a simplified free version of this plugin depending on how plugin works out.

Get the plugin here!

Any feedback is appreciated!


Trello is a great program



don’t see a use case for this, write down notes, use documents, or even use trello (like what @iGottic said)?

Either Way this is pointless because there are millions of ways to do this

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Does this plugin have online sync? I have a PC and Laptop and if it can’t save lists between devices using the same Roblox Account it’s a big no for me.

Additionally will you add support for integration with other services like Google Keep, Trello, GitHub Projects, etc


Trello is great however its functionality is limited without a subscription (I think). I find a lot of Roblox developers (especially new ones) jump between lots of projects and will most likely not be willing to pay a subscription to have more workspaces. Not to mention new developers who just want a simple way of organizing their ambitious projects without using external apps. Also (correct me if I am wrong) Trello does not have a method of automatically ordering tasks e.g highest to lowest priority. Generally, Trello is great for people with experience but can be a bit daunting for new developers. This plugin is a bit friendlier to new developers but still has a use case for more experienced devs.

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All to do list apps do pretty much the same thing so there’s not much room for anything unique. However, having your management tools there in studio can always be helpful. Not to mention again like I said to @iGottic new Roblox devs may just want simple means of organization within the platform. This plugin is aimed at being simple and easy for inexperienced devs.

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You can’t automatically do this as a computer does not know how prioritized task a is over task b. You must drag the cards to move them up and down the list.

Trello is actually a great tool for organizing projects and I do recommend buying the subscription.

The UI of this project is quite confusing and doesn’t help me get stuff done.


A computer cannot of course know something it is not told, Trello does not ask for the priority of the task thefore it cannot.

I agree Trello is an amazing tool but as I have already mentioned before, new developers probably don’t want to see lots and lots of buttons and options, only slowing their development process as now they must learn how to use this new tool.

Thank you for the feedback but please elaborate because, no offence, but there are very few buttons, and its functionalities are fairly simple. The info section should explain it well.


Most likely, yes, I might add those features, but I am trying to keep the plugin simple as it is aimed at beginners.

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I do not have a subscription. Trello’s free functionalities are incredibly powerful, especially when combined with free powerups.

Not needed.

They do have that. cc @Robo50x @2jammers

Also not really, mostly due to the lack of features and poor UI/UX. In fact, because the UI is so insufficient in this plugin, I would rather use Window’s default notepad editor, or if I want a step above, physical sticky notes.

I use Trello on both personal and corporate projects, even using it myself when doing tasks for Combat Warriors and Crocs World. I see zero reasons to use this plugin over Trello.

Windows also has a built-in to-do list application that is incredibly simple and easy to use without any gimmicks. If I didn’t use Trello or any other tools, Windows has great applications that do the job anyways.


You wouldn’t need this information section if the UX/UI is good. No one would know how any of this is without reading the DevForum post.

My proposal is to have the columns labeled and tooltips for each “state” a column is in.

As it currently stands, it’s very hard and unfamiliar to just download the plugin and start using it right away.

Just asking but will you provide a free version of this plugin? I understand if a plugin does need to be paid.

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Well thank you for your feedback but i must admit it doesnt help. I know the gui isnt the best(im terible at UI :sweat_smile:).
I think you took this the wrong way, I do not understand your need to repeat the fact that Trello is better (its fairly obvious that a multimilion dolar company can make a better app). I not trying to replace Trello, just making a plugin.
I accept the plugin is not the best, however how much do you expect from a first plugin.

At the end of the day, the app is all down to user prefernce.

(This plugin is discontinued and not worth my time)

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Thats a great idea that i might implement but i dont see much point in puting any more time into a plugin that pleople seem to have such a distaste for.

I agree, I should have anticipated that earlier on in development.


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what site is this? I must know

It’s Trello, which is built for stuff like this

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