To Ji Temple - SHOWCASE

Hello I present to you my first showcase I would like opinions on what I can improve, thank you in advance!




Wow! I’m absolutely loving the buildings! They’re detailed and really pretty. The terrain around them is also more than beautiful!
However there are a couple things I would like to address.

  • The spawn is in the ground and I had to reset my character to get unstuck

  • While the actual contents of the map seem beautiful, beyond the borders/walls your showcase really loses immersion. For example:

    You could solve this by adding much more empty terrain in the background and filling it in with simple props in the distance to give the immersion that you are not just on a floating rectangle of land.

  • Another thing would be the Fog, while it fits in with the snow theme you’re going for, it doesn’t fit in with the skybox and the far away objects are even more highlighted instead of blending in with the background. Solving this also helps with the first thing I mentioned. For example, the building in the distance here is still very obviously visible.

    Here is a reply to a similar issue I wrote just yesterday, check it out: How can I add a foggy sky to my game? - #2 by triankl3

  • Last thing would perhaps be the color of the sun, a bit too yellow/bright for my taste.

Even though I listed a couple issues here, the buildings are really beautiful and these are just some of the final touches it’s missing to be perfect!


Hi, thank you very much for all this advice, it helps me a lot. It is true that there are things to improve I hasten to do it!

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Great! No problem, I’m more than happy to help people and give them the advice they need!

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Wow! Really loving this, super impressive and attention to detail. Keep up the work and I can’t wait to see more from you!

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Looks absolutely incredible! In my opinion the only problem I am seeing is the glare of the lanterns are disproportionate to the light projected on the area around the lanterns. Maybe add some lights inside of the lanterns to let the light spread on the area around the lanterns.

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Wow, the build is very impressive! Such skilful immersion, and beautiful lighting to go with it. The only thing I noticed that threw me off slightly was the texture of the path outside, lit by lanterns. The texture seems a bit out of place, not as detailed as the rest of the incredible build. Otherwise, brilliant job!

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Very cool. Keep working, it needs more detail. The more, the better.

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