Toaster Island Main Menu Redo [Feedback]

This is the old GUI I was going to use before: Toaster Island Main Menu GUI [Feedback]

I gave my main menu more of an island feel to it. Play the game to get the feel, but if you’re in a rush, here are some photos.

Game: Toaster Island (Unfinished) - Roblox

Title Screen:

UI Style:


It honestly looks pretty cool. One or two things I would change if you were still looking for improvement are;

  1. I would somehow get a bit more contrast between the text/buttons and the background. I am unsure how exactly this looks in-game, but from your screenshots, the Credits button is nearly invisible and the text isn’t precisely eye-grabbing.

  2. If you want to elevate the professional/finished feel of your game to the next level, having buttons with the same kind of font that the “toaster island” title is in, would look great in my opinion. I honestly really like the “toaster island” text.

Overall, a great improvement from your last post, and if you want a bit more improvement I would suggest considering some of my feedback. Keep up the great work!