Toasties Logo Design

Our new logo design that @oreal2 designed for us! Let us know your thoughts on it. Toasties is a newly created cafe roleplay group that is currently looking for experienced staff to build up a community.


Its near impossible to see because of the watermark

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It’s not impossible, but the center of the design is blocked.

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Its a concept I have seen again, and again. Nothing against you or the team, but I encourage you to employ some unique tactics to create more original things. You clearly have the skill, but it doesnt help you stand out.

Other than that, the watermark is very harsh, preventing any real critiques over color scheme or depth and placement

Overall great skill, lower creativity, heavy potential.
Keep up the good work!

~ Fat Man with a Frying Pan


i mean it looks nice but it lacks creativity

you should probably consider a different type of logo, there are thousands like these.
you should want a logo that stands out from the crowd. if you put this logo next to every other roblox cafe-type game logo, it would most certainly not stand out.
just saying idk

it looks nice tho so 5/10

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For the record we needed a new one anyway whether it’s trendy or not.

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Can barely see a thing. Too bright. Also, please, don’t tell me that you are using this version for your game. Watermarks go in the corner, they don’t become an official part of the game.

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With the watermark being that big, you might aswell make it your icon.

Also, now onto the actual recommendations, and not just criticisms, the text should be more 3d, extend the bottom. also maybe add a shadow or glow to it.

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  • The watermark is too big I can’t make out the details

It looks good! It’s way too bright though, you should make it darker. And all the splashes in the image are a bit annoying and look unprofessional/unappealing.


We’re definitely not using the watermark version for our game.

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Thank you so much for your thoughts! I’ll definitely consider employing them in my work.

This watermarked version is not the final version. As you can see, my watermark is in the corner, which is the only place it will be on the version that he paid for.