Toby Cafe Change Log!

  • This game has been shelved since April 2020

Please note - Only major versions will be listed here, so bug fixes and versions like V.1.1 won’t be added.

Current version -
New map! - This map rises from the ground in a live event which is going to only be up for 3 days.
The live even features epic action sequences, evil doctors and more so hop in whilst it’s up!

Previous versions -


The “Premium Zone” now has a hot-tub area.


A new “Alien Base” has been added with a working UFO and hidden surprises.


“Pool” and “Garden” areas added. The pool has 2 mini slides, a diving board and a giant slide with 2 bumps and a fast splash into the pool. The garden area has plants and flower beds shaped in a smile =). Also the garden area has a nice bench for you to relax at.


The cafe island now uses real terrain instead of parts and the island is over 10 times bigger for exciting areas planned soon. (Hint - Area 51)


New cafe! - To celebrate the release of V1 we hosted a party, all attendees were awarded with 100 worker points and a promotion to the “Experienced Barista” rank.


Worker points now will be handed out when someone gives someone else a food item and there are progressive ranks! (Barista, Experienced Barista, Senior Barista)


The cafe now has a zone in which only people with “ROBLOX Premium” can enter.


Swing set added on the side of the cafe, major bug fixes to scripts and a stage has been set up outside the cafe for the V1 launch.


A boardwalk has been added in-front of the cafe, construction workers have moved here to build a stage… (This will be for the V1 launch)


The cafe now has 3D logos instead of 2D decals on the walls.


Toby Cafe now has a logo made by BlockyToby. These have been put up as decals all over the cafe walls, (we plan for these to be changed to 3D later.)


We now have music, don’t worry fellow you-tubers you can mute it!


The placeholder cafe part has been replaced with a very basic temporary cafe with very little interior and furniture. (It will remain like this till the V1 launch where we reveal the actual cafe.


Toby Cafe development has started, we don’t want to spoil what our V1 will be so for now there is just a huge part where the cafe will be.