Today I made a little building for my possible upcoming experience!

Today, I made a little building filled with many unique props for my possible upcoming experience. Which toke me about 1 hour to make.

Here’s the screenshot of the building.

What do you think?

Any feedback is appreciated!


The walls seem very bland. The windows also look out of place.

Try switching up the materials and add more colors to the walls. Frame out the windows to make them look better. In my opinion there’s too much concrete. The door also seems too wide.

That’s all I could think of to improve, but I hope these suggestions helped.

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Thank you for you helpful suggestions! I will make sure to add some props on the walls, fix the windows and doors to make it look more appealing! :grin:

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What is this experience going to be? This looks very random… a lollipop, cheese, a clothes hanger, and whatever that thing is at the base of the statue…

The experience will be sort of like prop hunt but your camera will be locked on a scene.

Ok, now all that random stuff makes sense!

There are just things everywhere. There’s a clothing hanger hanging from the ceiling and a random I think egg carton behind the vase. I just have so many questions. :sob:

Edit: I was told it was a prop hunt and it makes sense. Wouldn’t a prop hunt have to make sense though? Like if we’re being realistic there’s not going to be a lollipop on a statue unless it’s like a room filled with candy or something. Honestly, it depends on what you’re making I don’t mean it in a hateful way it’s just confusing.

This is why everything is so random.

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Try changing some lighting settings and most importantly, the walls look very ugly. Try adding some paintings or designs on the walls… Don’t add paintings or designs on each and every wall! Add them on some walls… it will look more noice. Except that, everything looks fine for me :smiley:

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Some things are very blocky, and stuff like this don’t match anything:
Otherwise, it looks fine I guess.