TOF Studios: 2024 Information Bulletin

TOF Studios: 2024 Information Bulletin :newspaper:

Welcome to the 2024 Edition of the TOF Studios Information Bulletin. Here you will find all information regarding the upcoming planned year for the TOF Studios group, with the season beginning this March, lasting until December of this year.

Founded on May 8th, 2014, by a certain watermelon-shark named @Sir_Guerra, TOF “Television-Of-the-Future” Studios is television like you’ve never seen it before and we’re glad you’re interested to join our vibrant community of Roblox players and game show enthusiasts!

Our goal is to provide exciting virtual game shows and community-wide events that bring people together from all over. Whether you’re a casual spectator or an active contributor, there’s a place for you here!

New For 2024 :stars:

DECENNIUM: Ten Years in The Making

Welcome… to the DECENNIUM :mirror_ball:

The TOF Studios DECENNIUM is a year-long event that unites Roblox players and TOF Studios fans, offering a nostalgic trip through the past decade, a revival of classic shows, and the unveiling of exciting new ideas.

TOF Studios has consistently pushed the boundaries of creativity and innovation since its inception. “DECENNIUM” marks a milestone, celebrating ten years of virtual entertainment and community engagement.

Retrospective Events :tada:

TOF Studios will transport players through time, revisiting iconic events from the group’s history. From “Golden Awards” to “North Pole,” players can relive the past decade’s highlights.

Classic Returns :rewind:

The celebration will see the resurrection of fan-favourite shows and experiences from TOF Studios’ extensive history. These shows will receive a refresh in gameplay, studio design, and environment.

Taking “Innovation” to a Whole New Level :stars:

“DECENNIUM” isn’t just about reminiscing—it’s also a launchpad for the future. TOF Studios will introduce a line-up of brand-new, cutting-edge ideas, showcasing the group’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of creativity on Roblox.

TOF Studios welcomes new and old members to the DECENNIUM, promising a year of nostalgia, innovation, and joy.

New Ways to Play, Earn & Win

Introducing Credits :coin:

In the past, TOF Studios has introduced a multitude of different ways to earn and win in your favourite game shows, from the previous TOF XP and TOF Tokens. For 2024, we’re introducing a brand new, group-wide currency known as Credits, which will replace the previous two.

How do I earn Credits?

Credits will be the group’s winnable prize in our shows. For example, in ‘Who Wants To Be a Millionaire?’, if you won the top prize, you’d win 1,000,000 Credits. Isn’t that generous? For some, if not all of our shows, you will also be able to earn credits by participating as an audience member via that show’s play-along game. For example, answer correctly in ‘Who Wants To Be a Millionaire?’, and you’ll earn 10 credits. (Prize not yet official.)

What can I do with Credits?

With Credits you will be able to purchase challenger slots within our shows, for example, you will get a fast-track ticket to the fastest finger first seat in ‘Who Wants To Be a Millionaire?’ (how many times have we said that so far?). You will also be able to gift Credits to other players, and as well as this, purchase ‘Loot Boxes’ (name not official) with unlockable prizes of varying quality to store in your TOF Studios inventory, which will also be tradeable. These prizes will also be able to be earned in certain shows. (More on that later.)

What happens to my previous TOF Tokens?

For those who purchased TOF Tokens, those Tokens will be converted into Credits. The ratio of Tokens to Credits is 1 Token is equal to 2,500 Credits. So yes, credits are not as valuable as Tokens. However, the cost of purchasing a TOF Token is 25 Robux. So look at it this way: 25 Robux is 2,500 credits.

Your very own TOF Studios inventory! :school_satchel:

Within each TOF Studios experience, there will now be a button on-screen to access your very own TOF Studios profile. Here you will be able to view which shows you have played/attended most recently, your Credit balance, purchase Credits and view your TOF Studios inventory.

What’s this inventory for?

This inventory is for the prizes you have won throughout certain shows. These prizes are also tradeable with other users. Note: not all shows will offer prizes and prizes range in rarity (meaning some are rarer and more valuable than others.) Prizes are also obtainable through our upcoming ‘loot box’ system.

Credits & TOF Studios Profiles are scheduled to release later in the year.

Group Information :information_source:

Community Rules

Be respectful

Treat others with kindness and respect. No hate speech, bullying, or discrimination will be tolerated.

Be appropriate

Keep the community appropriate for all ages.

No spamming the group wall

Keep it clean, tidy, organized and free of self-promotion or spam.

No impersonation

Do not impersonate or falsely represent yourself as TOF Studios staff or other members. This includes but is not limited to creating fake profiles, usernames, or avatars.

No exploiting

Exploiting in our games, such as exploiting a control booth, is strictly prohibited.

No cheating

Cheating in our shows, such as using Google to look up the answers to questions, is strictly prohibited. And yes, we have ways of checking.

Abide by Roblox’s Terms of Service

Follow the rules and terms of service outlined by Roblox, including any restrictions on hacking, exploiting, or cheating.

This is a list of our most important rules. Group moderators may punish certain misbehaviours not listed above. It’s up to each individual moderator on how they verdict each rule. Most verdicts are final, with no chance of appeal. However, if you feel as though you have been unfairly punished, our appeals form can be found by clicking here.

Last updated: 25/02/2024

Partnering With Us

To partner with us, there are certain requirements you must meet. It is not a simple “request & accept” sort of deal!

To partner, your group must:

  1. Have a minimum of 500 members.
  2. Have 1 existing experience. For café & clothing groups, your main café and home store must be open.
  3. Have 1 active social link other than Roblox.
  4. Your group must be managed at a simple and adequate standard. This will be judged by our high-ranking members of staff.

If you think your group meets the above requirements, feel free to send a request on the Roblox website and we’ll check your group out when we can.

Current Partners

Be sure to check out our current partners and the awesome experiences they have in store!

Rank Information


Responsible for the overall direction of the group.


Assists in making tough decisions and helps to manage staff.


Looks after the community to ensure a safe and welcoming environment.

Event Creator

Assists Owners in the development of yearly events such as the Golden Awards & Pride Festival.


A step-up from Producer and grants access to the ability to produce shows without needing to be greenlit. This role is earned.


Responsible for the creation of TOF Studios productions. Each producer is unique, bringing their own ideas to the table.


Responsible for the image of the group, done so by interacting with the community and what is said outside the Roblox platform.


Chosen via auditions or a Producer, a presenter is the image of a TOF Studios show and is responsible for curating the atmosphere of that production.

Crew Member

A Crew Member assists the producer in the production of a show. For example, writing questions for trivia shows.

Members of Staff


  • Sir_Guerra
  • iKobi
  • kevanshortbread


  • absolutelyjc
  • qerqjeremy


  • Kappers_03
  • XxGamer_HunnixX
  • wxll_icon
  • jsach
  • HerzegovianBeast
  • UncharteDimensions
  • armanxh1

Event Creator

  • LekCarabao
  • kiwiAAAAAA
  • keonayi123
  • qadu
  • iiPrimeLion
  • Biz150oficial


  • Petrified_012
  • IMxcky


  • BillMoney123
  • xVoided_Viperx
  • rreaso
  • AstridAmongTheSkies
  • TheSamRBLX


  • heyy_yoru
  • Caylieiguess
  • xMrShawx
  • skykid0520


  • JaddyD424
  • Mrnoone338
  • ShadeLightRun
  • Chrisfamily17
  • thorklein

Crew Member

  • JohnnyZillion

Stardom is our community’s notable status. With applications taking place every Winter & Summer, members can apply to become a ‘Stardomite’ to access exclusive perks and stand out amongst the crowd in our community.

What does having the status of ‘Stardom’ mean?

  • You have an influence in what happens in the community.
  • You are well-known in the community. (This expands across to our Partners, too.)
  • You own a particular group or brand.
  • You performed extremely well in an experience.
  • Anything else that we may deem qualifying of ‘Stardom’…

How do I receive this?

The application will ask you questions relating to the statements above in regard to how much they relate to you. Our administrators will review your application and decide on whether or not you should receive the status of Stardom.

What do I earn as being a part of Stardom?

  • In all TOF Studios experiences, you will have an icon above your avatar indicating that you are part of Stardom, distinguishing yourself from the crowd.
  • Experience-exclusive perks.
  • Double voting for the Golden Awards. (An award show taking place once a year, spanning across the entirety community).

Apply for Stardom


How do I become a host?

Producers of our shows may hand-pick a certain user they think would fit a specific show. Sometimes, however, a producer may host auditions for hosts. Make sure to take part in the auditions of you think you have the skill it takes to host a TOF Studios show! Auditions will be shouted on our group.

Will you release more roleplay experiences?

More roleplay experiences are planned, including new roleplay experiences and updated editions of past ones. Stay tuned!

Why did my join request get declined?

Your account may be too young. Your account must be at least a month old (31 days) to join the group.

I miss that one show. Will it return?

Rest assured, all of our most popular shows are treated with up-most care and may be set to return at a later date. Previously announced shows that never made it out of production may not.

2024 Group Schedule :spiral_calendar:

Below you will find the planned schedule of TOF Studios: 2024.

  • The Wall: Season 2 [PREMIERING]
  • The JC Show: Season 3 [RESUMING]
  • Nostalgia weekends.
  • A former and popular TOF Studios show returns.
  • A refurbished edition of a past TOF Studios experience will release to the public, and will consistantly be updated throughout the year.
  • Month-long celebrations will take place, celebrating 10 years of TOF Studios and the Roblox game show community.
  • A brand new TOF Studios show will premiere.
  • Community-wide event.
  • A former TOF Studios show’s revival is announced.
  • Previously announced revival show will premiere.
  • Community-wide event.
  • Halloween festivities.
  • Holiday festivities.
  • Three previous (very popular) TOF Studios are planned to premiere.
  • 2 community-wide events.
  • A farewell to the 2024 season of TOF Studios.

REMINDER: This schedule is a PLANNED schedule and is not final and may be altered throughout the course of the year.

Current productions

This list is of all current TOF Studios productions in 2024. It will be updated regularly. :spiral_calendar:

  • The Wall: Season 2 – SUNDAYS @ 3:30PM ET
  • The JC Show: Season 3 – FRIDAYS @ 6:00PM ET
Partnered productions

This is a list of all of our partnered shows. These are shows we produce with our allies.

  • Russian Roulette (with Mikey Does Stuff) – SOMETIMES ON SATURDAYS @ 7:00PM ET

Thank you! :hugs:

If you read through all of this, you are a very dedicated individual and if you haven’t already, I recommend joining our group by clicking here.

You can also visit our YouTube channel by clicking here.

We hope to see you around in the studio! :heart: