Toggleable R6 Ragdoll

Hello Fellow Developers,
Currently I’m trying to create a R6 Ragdoll script using BallSocketConstraints. This is different in ways as it doesn’t uses R15, which I have found scripts to.

Upon replacing the Motor6Ds with BallSocketConstraints, the character immediately dies when I break the Motor6D connecting the head and torso (Note: I broke the constraint while the BallSocketConstraint was attached)

Any other topics I searched for contained code for R15, which used different attachments and I was unable to salvage it. All other scripts worked for R6, but were only triggered upon death.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time.

Well, it’s probably not supposed to break because the head is still connected directly to the torso. Are you sure the constraints were enabled before you disconnected the Motor6D’s? Also, if you haven’t already, set the Part0 property of the Motor6D’s to nil when you want to disconnect it, as you’ll be able to easily reconnect it without recreating the motors.

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The humanoid still dies upon disconnecting the Motor6D, even with the BallSocketConstraint. But thanks!

Not sure if this might help but :wink: if you ook at the properties of humanoid :moyai: you realise that you are now good :partying_face: :tada: :tada:
Basically just disable this property before doing the other lines of code

Dont ask what am doing its clearly not a mario kart game :shushing_face: