Toggling the “Select” option for topics on your “New”/“Unread” page, and going onto the “Latest” page does not disable the “Select” option

Description of Bug

This is more of a minor visual bug, but still unintended behaviour nonetheless.

Basically, when you toggle the “Select” option (by this, I mean this button:


When you toggle this function, and go to the Latest Topics page, you would see that there are selectable checkmark icons there, even though there is an absence of the “Select” option.

When it Happened

As of 18th August, 2023.

Videos of Bug

Repro Steps

  1. Toggle the “Select” option in either the New Topics page or the Unread Topics page.
  2. Without disabling the option, go to the Latest Topic page. This bug should then occur.

this issue is a bit big but nobody goes to “New” or “Unread” tabs so this isn’t big

though, it would’ve been formatted better