Tohoku: Northeast Japan - 1.5.0 Changelog

Tohoku: Northeast Japan - 1.5.0 Changelog

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Major Highlights

Firefighting, Random Events & Investigations

The Namie City Fire Department has recently increased its active ready force following a series of arsonist attacks in the region. A recent increase in tourism has also led to a spike in people getting lost while hiking.
The Fukushima Prefectural Police has also been tasked with investigating crimes, both related to the arson sprees as well as a general uptick in crimes. The arrest system has been reworked to require booking criminals at the police stations.

New Vehicles

In addition to the Isuzu Erga, we’ve added three new civilian vehicles for purchase.
The 2012 Toyota Crown Athlete and 2019 Toyota GR Supra are available for purchase in Isobe, while the 2012 Suzuki Swift Sport is available for purchase in Soma.
A number of new Fire Department vehicles have been added to the EMS team, some of which can be seen above.
You can also now search for vehicles by name in your spawn menu, perfect for spawning just the right vehicle.

Northeast Transportation Company Team

The Northeast Transportation Company has recently begun operations, starting with its fleet of Isuzu Ergas. This team is initially roleplay-only, but will include a proper job in an upcoming update. You may also notice that you can interact with the bus stops - these now allow you to fast travel between bus lines!

New Gamepasses

We’ve added three new gamepasses:

  • Under The Radar: Avoid detection by speed cameras and receive less bounty!
  • ETC: Automatically pay for tolls and pay 50% less!
  • Experienced Trader: Receive a discount on cargo purchases and sell cargo at any time of day!

Cargo Loading Areas

Buying and selling cargo has gotten easier with new loading areas! Simply drive your vehicle into the blue area and any cargo you buy or sell will automatically be placed or taken from your vehicle’s trunk.

We wish you a happy New Years and look forward to continuing to releasing further updates! Your input is always appreciated :slight_smile:

Full Changelog

:new: ADDED
:snowflake: Winter!
:beginner: Basic game tutorial
:busstop: Fast travel between bus stops
:bus: Northeast Transportation Company Team (proper job coming in 1.5.1!)
:red_car: New Vehicles
◦ 2002 Isuzu Erga
◦ 2012 Toyota Crown Athlete
◦ 2012 Suzuki Swift Sport
◦ 2019 Toyota GR Supra
◦ Various fire department vehicles
:motorway: Toll and ETC lanes
:video_game: New Gamepasses
◦ Under The Radar: No detection by speed cameras and reduced bounty
◦ ETC: Automatically pay for tolls with a 50% reduction
◦ Experienced Trader: Cheaper purchase prices and shops open at all times
:world_map: All icons now remain visible on full-size maps
:package: Loading area at cargo traders to quickly load and sell cargo
:bell: Random game events
:fire: Fires
:man_police_officer: Crime Scene Investigations
:chains: New detain/arrest system: Handcuffed people can now be put inside cars. To arrest a person, they must be booked at a police station first.
:camera: CCTV system
:office: Namie Office Building

:hammer_and_wrench: CHANGED
:computer: Minor performance improvements
:checkered_flag: Minor Racing Updates
◦ Improved UI
◦ Ability to invite players in server
◦ Vehicle position leaderboard
:ambulance: Basic EMS and Police roles available at in-game level 10
:information_source: Added new notifications above minimap
:closed_book: Updated experience notification
:mag: Search field in vehicle spawn menu
:clipboard: Menu to keep track of active tasks