Too hard to let group members know there is new merchandise

As a Roblox developer, it is currently too hard to let group members know there is new merchandise in the Store tab. Creating a message in the group shout is not enough because some people do not read shouts and there is no notification group members receive when there are new shouts.

If Roblox is able to address this issue, it would improve my development experience because it would increase the use of the Store tab, allowing creators to earn more. It would allow the ratio of members who return back to the group upon initial joining to increase.


Games are allowed to post notifications to people who have opted in to them, maybe a similar feature should be implemented for groups? (Maybe opt out instead, or with much stricter limits to how many posts that go to the notification feed can be made a day/week)

This could potentially be abused though, as running a clothing upload bot isn’t that difficult (look at the front page, it’s all botted clothing to this day), heck it’s not even that hard to mass upload stuff manually. Assuming it sends a notification for each new piece, or even collating all uploads per each x minutes/hours for a notification, it’s not that hard to annoy people/constantly send them notifications all day long.

All that aside, this feature could be used for more than just clothing/merchandise uploads. It could be used for roleplay type groups (training is on, member only event happening soon, etc), groups that pump out identical games to make a quick buck (“check out our new game: xyz”), so on and so forth. It’s what group shouts should have been, and would be a perfect replacement to the “My Feed” page (which nobody used because it was broken for many years, and was somewhat hidden among the rest of the sidebar)