Too many prints

This is just a simple question that I would like to know the answer of - will having too many print functions in the output affect performance?

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Correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t think prints hurt performance. You could use breakpoints as well if the prints are for testing.


I don’t believe it would. Printing is just to print a specified message on screen or output. It’s not really something that would affect performance. For me, I have a certain code that printed something over and over to keep checking. No performance issue there.


If you are referring to in studio it depends, do you have an infinite loop constantly making prints then maybe on a slow PC it will effect your performance. I dont believe that printing anything actually effects in game performance so if that is what you are talking about then you should be all good.

Most developers use print statements for themselves.


print is for debugging. If you have prints in production code then you have another issue on your hands.