Too many triangles for my mesh part

Recently I bought a lamp to add in my showcases.

But, when I imported it to roblox studio as a mesh part, I received this warning.

Is there anyway I can still import it on roblox studio? As I really like this mesh.
If there is please tell me.


The thing causing the ossue is the lampshade. Decrease the amount of triangles and it should certainly decrease the quality, but still perhaps you may like it. Not a 3d nodeler myself, but I know how this works.

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Ask the person who you bought it from if they’d be willing to lower the amount of triangles in the lampshade, keep in mind it won’t look exactly how it does now, though once the amount is under 10,000 you will be able to actually import it. Hopefully this helps, I’m sure you’d rather use it in any way you can since you did pay for it.

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If for some reason the person you bought that lamp shade from is unwilling to reduce the amount of triangles, send me a discord friend request @justinn#4382 and I can do it for you, shouldn’t take too long at all :slight_smile:


20426 tris for a lamp? You can get the same result with 200. Did you receive an fbx/obj or a blend file? It may be possible that you left a few modifiers on when you exported it.


I actually used a fbx obj and not blender.

Did you purchase this model from a user on Roblox or from a 3rd party model site?

If you do have the fbx/obj/blend files you could simply import the mesh back to your 3D modelling software. For example in blender you could simply insert the modifier “Decimate” and reduce the “Ratio” of the model.


I got it frow a website. I just used a couple of point and created an account.

Right, unless you have the time to use Blender and lower the LoD of your purchased models, i would suggest buying assets off of sites that specifically sell game assets, like the Unity asset store.


Thank you very much for your help! I will look into the website.

For the models that you cant decimate you could also bisect the model into parts and import each part into roblox studio and then fit the pieces back together

I have no idea how someone would fit 20k tris in that or why they’d do it, that’s insane. Also, decimate messes up your geometry pretty bad, better to select all then press x then limited dissolve. You can also remove all the unnecessary loopcuts then bridge them, doesn’t work if you did a limited dissolve beforehand normally.

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Thanks for your help guys, I’ll try to work on it.

Hello There! I am having the same problem as Julez and in the reply above you said you coyld help reduce the triangles. I tried adding you on discord but it seems like you changed your username. Do you mind giving me the new tag? Thanks!