Too many tris for a tree?

I’ve been making trees for my showcase, or finding the best way to make the best looking trees for performance and I have a few questions…

I originally used a built in blender addon that allows you to generate trees with leaves.

Here is one of the results:

The tree above is 10.9k tris.

Then I found a better addon to make very customizable trees and heres what I got:

The tree above has 3.7k tris

Now is 3.7k still too many?

Here are them in roblox:

I duplicated the face for every branch and flipped the normal so you can see it on both sides because it doesn’t look right without it.
But anyway, is 3.7k tris okay for a tree in a showcase? It’s not exactly meant for people with bad PCs and there will be probably up to 20 trees maybe more.

Also, if you’re curious, the add on I used for the right tree is here:

And the one for the tree on the right is built right into blender “Add Curve: Sapling Tree Gen”

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3.7k for a showcase is average (it’s okay). as long as you test your game on different platforms through Studio then I don’t see why not


It is alright. I’ve imported trees with 15k+ tris(had to import them separatley) and didn’t notice any issues.