Tool 6D | Animate Tool Handles easily!

I do wish this project would also work with require handle, and I think many people agree. I pretty sure you just need to translate the handle movement into grip orientation, buuuuuut I’m not the smart one here so… I also don’t know if the creator even updates it any, there really isn’t anything to update in the first place.

Currently exploring a method that allows for easier animating for Blender animators, and Roblox animators alike.

I cannot exactly say when I’ll update this again to use that method, but rest assured, this will be improved in the future :smiley:

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The way I’d like this to work for me is as follows:

Imagine an animation called juggle is playing on the humanoid’s animator. Of course, this causes the player to juggle. Now what I want is, no matter what tool he equips(flashlight, apple, cup, etc.) , for the tool to have an animation synced with the juggle. Basically for the script to detect the handle of any tool then juggle it. Would this be possible with this resource? If not I would really appreciate any suggestion on how else I could achieve this.

This resource allows Tools descendants to be animated along with the character. You probably could achieve this effect with the current system, but it’s on a per-tool basis, so the animation would likely be reloaded per-equip, as well as the motors.

Due to the current scope of the resource, which is for per-tool animating, this doesn’t support the functionality. A restructure of the scripts would be necessary to get this working as intended, so you’re better off doing this yourself, or waiting for when I come back to this with a more dynamic approach (which may or may not support the use case you have mentioned, as it is quite niche).

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