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Hey, Developers I’m FPSVision via this post you can call me by Alex for short I am a intermediate developer making around a few hundred thousand robux at the moment I’m trying to expand my game by adding new features and a new map with loads of updates. The new updates can lead to chaos and getting rid of chaos is my strategy, unfortunately this is my first time posting on this topic so I may get things wrong but I have teams one with guns and one with tools to counter the other team basically a cop and criminal sort of thing with strict roleplaying involved the game will be public and the issue is that the team with more tools have the ability to abuse it and mass kill or just don’t even Roleplay, at the moment I’m trying to fix that issue if anybody have any suggestions please reply to this post.

Honestly the only thing I’ve thought about is limiting the tool and making the user apply via an application to receive the remaining tools. Basically mainly trollers and little kids tend to not respect the tools. I’ve also started to implement scripts via the tools but it isn’t working out as my scripter level isn’t too good, if anybody wants to help with that please also reply. To conclude this my game is a realistic city Roleplay with multiple jobs but focusing on law enforcement and my issue is that trollers or just people who don’t want to Roleplay tend to abuse the tools and mass kill, all my solutions I’ve tried and other issues are once again listed above.


There are a few ways you could go about solving this, and it’s a matter of what you think would effect game play the least.

  1. As you said, you could limit the amount of tools the team gets, having players earn the remaining tools. It would be a fast and easy solution to your issue, though it wouldn’t entirely fix the issue as there would still be some trolls that get past the applications and ruin the fun.

  2. You could actually reduce the power of the tool code. I’m assuming what you’re speaking of is something along the lines of guns; which you could counter one of two ways. Either buff the tools of the team being mass killed, or you can nerf the tools of the team that’s mass killing.

  3. You could implement a vote-kick system depending on the numbers of players in the server. (Say, 10 people in a server, and 5 votes to kick a player). This would put the responsibility in the hands of the player, it allows them to self moderate and also would discourage trolls from mass-killing with the punishment of being kicked. You could also threaten banning trolls upon reports.

These are just a few ways you could go about fixing it, I’m sure there are more but I think one of these three would definitely work for your instance of use.


Take inspiration from Jailbreak and Ultimate Driving.

In Jailbreak as a police officer you get punished if you arrest or kill inmates who haven’t escaped and become criminals yet. This prevents you from using the tools when you shouldn’t, and enforces the roleplay.

In UD, you can’t arrest people unless they have a certain amount of bounty, accrued by speeding, going through red lights and shooting people. I also believe shooting innocent citizens also punishes you if you’re in the police role by giving you some bounty. Again, this enforces the roleplay as your power tools are restricted by the target’s status. The non-power tools like cones/flares and stuff are able to be used whenever as their use doesn’t impact others much.

So you don’t necessarily need to weaken your tools, it’s often better to focus on when they are enabled and disabled for specific targets.


I like option 3 but can it also be abuseful someone can just go against a player.

This is a good idea but my scripting is not too good I can start doing it but I’m just not good enough to finish it or make it work

Start off with simple things, did a player recently rob a bank? Did a player recently shoot another player or kill another player? I personally do this by adding bounty to the player. Each offense has its own “bounty” value that gets added to the players overall bounty. This could be a simple as an IntValue inside their player object that you update and check. Add 2 to it each time someone robs money, add 5 to it each time a player kills someone. If the value is over 5 then allow a police officer to arrest them. If the value is over 5 and they have a weapon allow the police officer to shoot them. Obviously this is very simple but its something you could improve on over time. You said you weren’t too good at scripting, just take it piece by piece like you would a recipe.

It would take a group of 5 or more to votekick someone, that’d be incredibly hard to have one person being “abusive towards another player”, and if the votekick system is abused that’d be a server that is most likely going to abuse each other anyway, so it wouldn’t really matter.

Hey what’s up NYPD owner, anyways I can do what you listed above but what I can’t do is make the tools comply with the bounty system like easily I can make a bounty system but it’s kind of difficult to add the tools.

Well thanks for the advice a votekick system will be implemented soon.

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I just make a stat inside their player called “Bounty”, so you can just do in the tool:

-- when a player attempts to cuff another player
if Player.Stats.Bounty.Value >= 10 then
      -- Change their team to prisoner and update their jail time.
      -- Player attempted to cuff an innocent person.
      -- In some cases you can penalize players for constantly *attempting* to arrest others without reason. I believe games like prison life do this.

If you are working on some role-play game with groups understand that hard-coding stuff like this in might ruin the roleplay experience a little, you’ll just want to find a good balance between group trust and hard-coded rules.