Tool animation help

Does anyone know how I can make a tool animation more better than my current one my current one you can’t animate the actual tool you can only move the player hand to make the tool sorta move does anyone know how to make it where I can animate the tool it’s self and the plays hand to make it more realistic

Make a animation type to “Action” and loop it! After that, play the animation.

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It is set to that I mean like animating a gun where u can move the u know parts of the gun when you shoot it

Cuz the only way I know how to make an animation for a tool is just to animate the hand and make the hand move then use the tool grip plugin

I want the tool itself to move but it’s not possible cuz I’m just animating the hand

ohh! you can weld the gun to the hand!

I did that but you can’t actually move parts of the tool in the animation

Why don’t you get only a tool part into a animate dummy, then weld it, however you can try a moon animator plugins!