Tool Doesn't face correctly

I’ll put it simply: The tool i have just made holds sideways, when i want it to face upwards and straight.
I am VERY new with tools so I have no idea how to correct the orientation.


There are plugins called “tool grip editor” which can fix your issue.

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There’s your answer.

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You can play with the tool’s Grip values as @grimmerschool2 said, but they are tricky.
Here’s a really good explanation:

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You can use a plugin to correct that, called Tool grip editors. Simply just click the plugin icon with the tool selected (not the handle) and move/rotate it to fit your needs. Then click the plugin icon again, and boom! You just corrected the tool holding. (Works on some tool grip editors like CloneTrooper1019’s)

You should probably use one of these plugins as they are very handy when it comes to correcting the tool holding. (No advertising plugins intended)