Tool freezing game for 3 seconds when equipped

hello so i have multiple tools that freeze the game for a couple of seconds when it’s equipped, i am guessing it isnt in the script itself since it happens to all my tools. is there any way to fix this?

We need more details. Wdym by “freezing”?

Where does the freezing happen? In studio or ingame? Does the whole client freeze (cant move mouse or character, cant even press Esc) or just the server? (Not receiving server updates, etc). And is it always for 3 seconds?

Also, try disabling the scripts and then test again if it freezes or not.

it freezes the client and 3 seconds was just an approximate

it also only happens when you’ve been playing the game for some minutes and then equip the tool

Can you said a video? And test the other things i said

Does it have any particles effects?

yea, it does, but they spawn in a script and gets deleted after a certain amount of time

That’s what’s causing it, try disabling them then re-equipping, check the handle size too.