Tool gets picked up right after it is dropped

Basically I am making a script that gives players a sword. I want the hitboxes independent from the mesh, so I decided to create a part as the handle and make it a constant size. Then I clone a mesh from storage and move it to where the hitbox is, then welded them together.

The problem is that when I try to drop the sword, the sword barely gets dropped away, so it gets instantly picked back up. Im pretty sure this is caused by the weld, since the tool drops fine when the weld is disabled, but then the mesh falls. It seems increasing the hitbox makes the tool drop further away and stops this behavior, but then what is the point of a hitbox.

Am I doing something wrong? are there any workarounds?

tldr: weld is breaking tool drop, help pls

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Try adding a debounce to it. Do that by Tool.Enabled.

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