Tool guis showing on screen from inside tool when holding (I don't want it to do that)

I’ve been making a game for testing catalog gear. My issue is that any time I hold a tool with a gui inside it, the game shows the gui on my screen even though I don’t want it to, and this does not happen on any other game (I’m truly dumb founded).
If anyone has any knowledge if why it does this, please help. Here’s an example:

Maybe theres a script in the tool that when is equipped sends the GUI into playerGui

I’ve already checked that, and no there isn’t. Not only do the ghost guis not appear in the player gui, but it does it for all tools in the game that have a gui in the tool. Like I said, it makes absolutely no sense.

A script in the character? or player instance? that is checking when children of inventory gets a tool added, and looks for the GUI inside the tool?

What happens when you equip a tool that has not a GUI?

In fact, I can’t even find where it’s putting these ghost guis at all. They just sort of exist on the screen and there’s no way to find them.

If there’s no gui, it won’t show a gui. It shows the gui when I hold the tool, then it disappears when I unequip it. If I hold the tool with a gui inside and delete said gui, it will stay on screen until I unequip and equip again.

Nevermind I figured it out. It was because I was cloning my character into a viewport frame for an avatar preview, but it was also cloning the guis from the gear I was holding, and since the viewport frame is a gui object, it showed them. :'P

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