Tool holding animation

Hello, I am tasked with creating a tool, The programming of the functions of the tool are already done. But I don’t know how to animate the player while they are holding the tool. Example:


Have you created an Idle Animation already?

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the tool is welded to the right grip attachment when equipped. All movements of the right hand will move the tool. Consider this when animating

Yes. I have made the idle animation.

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Make the priority Idle and click loop on the editor to loop it. Then just play it whenever someone equips the tool :smiley:


You can also make a pseudo tool that the player doesnt see but other players see. (the player holding would have custom gui)

Okay. You want to have your Idle Animation looped first. Export your animation and copy the Id. Then insert an Animation instance in your tool. Paste the Id in the properties section.

Then in your script, you want to play that animation once a player equips the tool.
Code example:

local Tool = script.Parent
local Animation = Tool:WaitForChild("IdleAnimation")

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Ok. I will try that in the animation.

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Ok thank you. Very much. I will try that.

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Does not work. I tried a script. Should I try a localscript?

What does not work specifically? Any errors? Maybe you should try doing it on a LocalScript

Can you explain why its not best to use local script to play animations?

I have since fixed it. I will try to close this topic if I can.

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Sorry, what was the fix? I have found the solution he sent to be quite vague in terms of where the animation file/id has to be and everything