Tool hotbar circa 2013

Does anyone have the corescripts or assets for the old tool hotbar? I’ve searched through client archive sites and I can’t even find the assets for it. Was it downloaded instead of packaged with the client?

The earliest Backpack CoreScripts I’ve found was from September 2014, and creates this:

It seems it was short-lived because by December it was replaced with one that’s much closer to the current hotbar (and a bit less buggy than the original)

I would love to use the 2013 hotbar for my game to really sell the retro vibe. Does anyone have any assets, info, or scripts regarding it?

And while I have your attention, the same goes to the 2013 health bar. I have the GUI assets for it, but no scripts. Does anyone have the core scripts for it?


I found a number of classic core scripts in the RobloxLabs github, and managed to get the 2013 toolbar fully working :woot:


where did you find the 2014 backpack at?