Tool invisible to other players in game but not me

  1. Goal
    Letting other players see my tools when in game and not only me.
  2. What is the issue?
    I am cloning a tool from ReplicatedStorage into the players backpack through a localscript. The problem is when the tool is cloned and I have the tool equipped only the player with the tool equipped can see it and no one else.
  3. What solutions have you tried so far?
    So far I have tried placing the tool inside the Starterpack and the other players could see it fine. But when it is cloned from ReplicatedStorage other players cant see it. Due to how my crate system I cannot make the cloning script a serverscript. Any ideas?

Try doing the same thing but at the server (atleast the cloning part)

My problem is I have to get the playerGUI in order for the script to know how to clone it. And a serverscript cannot access the playergui that I need to access so I can only do it locally.

Why not use a RemoteEvent instead of cloning the ReplicatedStorage? So that you can run it via a ServerScript.

Remote event… After the player activates the button you can just fire server and on the server you just do the tool cloning and giving to the player

I’ll see what works in this situation