Tool isnt straight when Equipped

Im having a issue where no matter what i try my tool isnt properly rotated with the Players Hands. Ive tried changing the CFrames Orientation, Handles rotation, The Bars and Weights rotation, nothing works. Any Help

try changing the player’s hands rotation in an animation.

i think its already straight, the hands will look crooked otherwise

Have you checked if the ToolGrip property is correct?

This. Changing the Grip property of the Tool as needed should fix your issue. If that doesn’t work for any reason, you could do the brainless move I do and make a small, invisible part the Handle and move the rest of the tool around that as you want, lol.

i sticked to ur method

How did it work? Does it look how it’s supposed to now?

well its a bit crooked but i dont think my imaginery players will care that much

Nonsense, don’t settle for good enough. Try your best and push yourself until you’re satisfied with what you see.

If the solution is working well for you, then it’d be appreciated if you could mark this thread with a solution so that users having a similar problem can more easily find an answer.

ill try my best at making it look good

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