Tool Name Disappears after Tool with Icon Occupies the same Backpack Slot


When you pickup a Tool, if it has a Icon Image, Tools that do not have an Icon Image that occupy the same Slot, will appear blank. Normally It would show the name of the Tool.

This bug happens every-time. To reproduce just pickup a tool without an icon and one with then swap their places in the Backpack. Tool_IconRepro.rbxl (13.3 KB)

This happens in any game that uses a normal backpack.

^When you first pickup a Tool with No Icon.
^Once you Drop the First Tool and pickup a Tool with an Icon in the same slot.
^Picking up any tool without an Icon appears blank.

It seems to have happened somewhat recently. I’m not too sure when it exactly started.


I have found in same games, when you rearrange the tools in your inventory/hotbar, it does the same thing.


This issue is still fairly relevant (specifically, what NauticalRose replied). See the below:

The moved tool in question is “M4A1 Modded”. Upon moving it from Slot 8 to Slot 4, the name was purged. Moving it back to Slot 8 restored its name.

I find that the backpack UI is relatively finnicky in general, but that’s for another report.


This is happening sometimes when I have a tool cloned into my backpack, and it seems to be pretty random. It’s effecting our cooking system at SizzleBurger as our Chefs have no idea what tool it is out of their backpack.


This has also been happening at Pinewood Computer Core, when loadout tools are cloned into my backpack. Random tools will appear blank. In this instance, the tool in question is called “Taser”. This only happens to tools with no icons that are cloned into the backpack.image


I’ve recently been experiencing this issue with my group Pastriez. This has caused the food system I designed to glitch and causes users some confusion. It is good to know that it is not just me though! :joy:


This issue is still prevalent in my games, and it’s causing disturbances to a lot of my users. Icons are important for some of the tools that we use, and it would be a shame if we had to completely discard them