Tool not loading in right away

Thank you for taking the time to read this im having a issue with a tool of mine not working the first time you go to use it. The crazy thing is once you respawn, it will load in. I have looked at the errors for it and it says its trying to go to nil which the line of code where it says the error is at has no way for it to even go to nil. Im confused on what to do and how to stop this so it loads up the first time. I will post line of code once someone replies to this as i am not home but wanted to see a good scripter input if anyone can helo me out because i am lost thank you


I should also state that this is for a taser i forgot to mention that in the original post

You were possibly attempting to write the character as a variable before the character is loaded. By the time you respawn, the character has been successfully loaded, allowing the tool to index it.

Let me know if this is relevant. Additionally, here’s an example of a fix:

Client Side Fix
local PlayerService = game:GetService("PlayerService")
local Player = PlayerService.LocalPlayer
local Character = Player.Character or Player.CharacterAdded:Wait() 

Here is the code that it say is trying to go to nil

if RaycastResult then
		local TargetCharacter = RaycastResult.Instance.Parent 	 
		local TargetHumanoid = TargetCharacter:FindFirstChild("Humanoid")
		local TasedAnimation = TargetHumanoid:LoadAnimation(script.Parent.TasedAnimation)

Says there is an error in the bottom line of code and also here.

FireTaser.OnServerEvent:Connect(function(plr, MousePosition, OriginPosition)
	FireTaserFunction(plr, MousePosition, OriginPosition)

its saying firetaserfunction(plr…) has an error i will get developer screen shot for you to see


this is also a server handler script not on the client side but i havent seen any errors there but im about to look deeper

Have you tried waiting for the animation to load first? Looks like it might be related to the animationID not being loaded fast enough.

local AnimationObject = script.Parent:WaitForChild("TasedAnimation")
local TasedAnimation = TargetHumanoid.Animator:LoadAnimation(AnimationObject )

Additionally, make sure the TargetHumanoid is not nil either. I would suggest printing out the TargetHumanoid and TargetCharacter values just to check.

I thought about that I reloaded the animations like 5 mins ago trying to see if that was an issue. Also thought maybe to solve this as I’m not to good on scripting, is make a tool locker to have it sit and load in before the player grabs it might fix it, but I don’t know which way to go in sever storage or replicated storage I’m new about three months into building and scripting thank you.

I should also mention this is on xbox but when i play on pc it loads up right away

ServerStorage if only the server will access it. ReplicatedStorage if you want the client and server to access it. In this case, I would use ServerStorage so you reduce the client from being able to peer into anything. Then you can clone it into the players’ backpacks when they join the game using a normal serverscript. However, either way will give you the same outcome for what you want.

You could also Preload:Async() the animations so that it loads up as the player loads.

Also, it’s weird that Xbox would have an issue. Xbox is a little out of my scope, but it should be fundamentally the same. It’s entirely possible the servers may have a delay when communicating with Xbox…

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You have the same thought I do maybe there is a delay in it causing it to not load but when you reset it does load. Thank you I will try a tool locker and see if that makes it load the first time. Marking this a solved as i believe you have given me the answers I’m looking for and kind of confirms what I thought.

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