Tool not rotating. Tool spawning in incorrectly

Here: 13132529467 Idk why when I rotate this the player spawns in with the tool facing the wrong direction. I want the face to face forward like this:

here is how it looks like in game

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You can change the GripOrientation Vector3 under the Tool to change its Orientation on spawn

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Try using this: Tool grip editor - Roblox

If you have the Robux, try this one: Tool Grip Editor - Roblox

Honestly not sure if the first one works as I’ve stuck to using the paid one but I can say that the paid one is extremely useful especially if you’re working with tools a lot.

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i have that, but I want to learn to do it manually

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I mean the plugin is essentially manual, but a visualization.

From what I’ve seen, there is no practical way to edit tool grips without using a plugin as it’s just guessing based on values.

Imagine trying to build but you were only able to use the Properties tab and no move, rotate or scale tools.

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What I normally do is rotate the Tool itself, copy the value and put it in the GripOrientation, after that set the Orientation back to zero
No Robux needed

I also gotta say that when you’re worrying with multiples of 90 and Orientations you’ll get messed up very, very fast

Why can’t I simply do 90,90,0?!?!?!