Tool not touching the floor if the player is tall

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I recently noticed on my game that if a player is too tall, their mop will not be touching the floor. It’s problematic for me because I’m making a spill/mop system, and the mop has to touch the floor in order to touch spills. I was wondering if there are any ways to prevent that. Thanks in advance! :>


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Disable custom characters in game settings, Force r6 is what I’d do


I would do that, but I personally don’t want to have R6 in my game due to the spin glitch of R6 and R6 exploits. As for the character in game settings, I personally don’t want to set up restrictions on that, as I believe that players should be able to customize their avatars howerver they would like to have it in game (as long as they don’t make anything against the tos ofc). If I have no choices, though, I’ll go for that. Thanks a bunch for replying! :revolving_hearts:

I understand your point of view , there would be another way but it would be very tedious. Meaning you would have to have multiplier copies of each mop and different sizes.
You could make a script that detects the size of the user (From therootpart scale) and decide which one to give if it’s within a certain range

I’m not sure if this is possible/ worth it but thats the only solution I could personally see

I’ll try that out, thanks a bunch! :smiley:

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