Tool placement while equipped

Hello, I’m trying to make a tool but I don’t know how to change it’s placement while equipped.

Screenshot 2022-07-17 161304

I’m trying to move the stick upwards so it looks more natural sitting in the hand


There are plugins for that. You can search them. I don’t know the name (I forgor :skull:). They can help. Or just make a part called handle and weld it to the stick and position it and make sure its transparency and very VERY small its size should be 0.001,0.001,0.001

play around with this

Maybe use attachments? I don’t know.
But like @TineMuraus said, you can adjust the grip position.

You can find a plug-in for this, it only costs 25 Robux, which isn’t too much, or you could use properties to edit it.

I forgot the plug-in name, sorry :flushed:

You could use the plugin “Tool Grip Editor”. Which I’m pretty sure is only 5 Robux.

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This is the plug-in I meant. Didn’t realise it was that cheap. Last time I checked it was 25 but it probably changed.

I rather change the grip position manually through the properties, but that works too.

Use the tool grip editor, which costs 5 robux.

Which is in the plugins too…

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Use Tool Grip editor but if you don’t wanna. You can watch this video: