Tool prioritizing

Is it possible to make tools have a priority on the toolbar?
If I have tool1, tool2, and tool3, Is there an easy way I can make the player’s toolbar show them in that priority? The player gets the tool at slightly different times.

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Name your tools in a way that reflects their priority order. For example, name them 1_tool, 2_tool, 3_tool.

Let me know if this script works?

local player = game.Players.LocalPlayer
local backpack = player.Backpack

-- Function to sort tools by name
local function sortTools()
    local tools = backpack:GetChildren()
    table.sort(tools, function(a, b)
        return a.Name < b.Name
    -- Reorder tools in backpack
    for i, tool in ipairs(tools) do
        tool.Parent = backpack

-- Call sortTools() whenever a new tool is added to the backpack
sortTools()  -- Initial sort when player joins