Tool sound exploitation question


I was wondering, what would be the best way to play tool sounds that replicate to all other clients, without the implementation being exploitable (ex. spam sounds)?

I prefer client-side sounds that then get replicated to all other clients, but I’m not sure what methods exist to make this non-exploitable. I would use a remote and a debounce for timing but I’m curious if there’s a better solution.

Thanks in advance!

Well you could just do it on the server. Exploiters would require a SS program in order to spam it, which would concern you more because they could insert anything, so you should probably focus on fixing that. Making it “non-exploitable” isn’t really possible unless your using some super hidden code and putting the audio deep inside something to make it harder to find, or make it Play on destroyed. Not sure.

You would simply fire a remote event to the server (from the tool) every time you want the sound to play. You would put the debounce on the server to prevent exploiters from changing it. The sound will play on the server which means all players in the game will be able to hear it.

Or you could have a password thats complex enough nobody will be able to figure it out

id go with a remote event that manages sounds.
so basically just fire the server sound script and provide the play location and sound id. then play from the server at the given location.

then play the sound from the server. If you concerned about people abusing the remote even add in some sort of security.
for example sending a password when firing the event.

** This also means that as a whole all sounds played can be managed and logged.**

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Thanks for all the answers!

I’ve settled on doing all the visualisations and sound client-side, while keeping the collision detection server-side. Sounds that are played client-side are replicated to the other clients through the server when the collision is detected. This keeps the user experience smooth.