Tool won't apear


I don’t know which section to put this in but I guess it can be this on. :confused: So basically the tool shows up in the starter pack but not on screen. It’s not even my tools as well Roblox’s sword will not show up too. Please help.
It has a handle and everything. And even works in other places.


The original tool from StarterPack isn’t transfered to the player’s inventory, a copy of it is made.

In order for that copy to be visible it has to have any type of Part inside of it, and it has to be named Handle. If you want the tool to have multiple parts weld them all together and have just one named Handle.

If you don’t want the tool to require a part named Handle, set RequiresHandle to false.

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It has a handle ^^. thx though.

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Ok, so if it works in other places, the problem is not your tool, it’s your place. There is 1 potential problem here.

Potential Problem

Your place may have some script which alters this. As you mentioned to me once before, you were cloning stuff in the backpack and putting them somewhere else?
If there are such, feel free to quote it here.

Try playing the game and sending a snapshot of the player folder with all folders expanded or drag the tool manually to the backpack while playing and see what happens.

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Did you accidently disable your Backpack Feature in a script somewhere? As that may be the reason.

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yeha, you’re right
It might be a backpack system gone wrong.
EDIT: It is lol

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