Toolbox - Cannot Preview If Base Parts Are Parented To Certain Objects

If base parts are parented to a folder, script, or gui and is uploaded to toolbox, it is unable to be previewed due to an icon being displayed instead.

100% reproducibility

  1. Find or upload a build that is parented to a folder, script, or gui
  2. Hover over the asset and click + to preview
  3. Note that an icon is displayed in the viewport rather than a preview of what’s contained inside

Part parented to a model

Part parented to a folder

Expected Behavior
A preview of the base parts should appear in the viewport regardless of parent type

Actual Behavior
An icon of a folder, script, or gui (and possibly others) is displayed instead previewing any base parts inside

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Thanks for the report! We’ll follow up when we have an update for you.

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I just discovered this issue also occurs with parts parented to a tool object.

Hi there, our thoughts here are currently that it’s useful to see the actual structure of the model in the tree preview window rather than implicitly hiding some of the nodes in the tree. You can select the inner parts by clicking the ‘three lines’ icon.

However we would like to hear about how this is problematic for your workflow, thanks!

Hi Friendly,

The issue presented with the current approach is that users don’t know what they’re importing. If I make a build, parent it to a folder, publish it to marketplace, and attempt to inspect it, I will be entirely unable to view it because it appears as the folder icon. The purpose of the viewport is to allow users to understand what the asset looks like before importing it. In its current state, inspecting assets parented to folders, scripts, UIs, tools, and possibly others, makes it impossible to meaningfully view the asset before importing it, therefore hindering user workflow. The expected behavior when attempting to preview an asset is to see what it looks like.

To address your point of the asset structure, users already have the ability to view an asset’s structure by selecting the advanced view, as depicted below in actual behavior. Due to this, solely having the icon of the highest ancestor appear in the viewport is unintuitive and redundant behavior and is not consistent with how the rest of toolbox functions.

Actual Behavior:

Expected Behavior:


Appreciate the details here, and definitely agree with the concern. While this is the expected behavior of the previewer as it stands today, we’ll make sure keep this issue in mind as we make future iterations to asset previews.

Thank you again for the feedback!

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