Toolbox filter problem



This problem started occurring pretty recently. For some reason, my toolbox has stopped filtering from my newest acquired models (including ones I published myself). I don’t know if this is something a lot of people are experiencing or if it’s just me. Anyone else finding this as a problem?


I’m having the same problem, it’s simply ridiculous on how many errors Roblox had this month.


Could have something to do with the recent, possible security breach through models & plugins. There’s allegedly backdoors involving botted models & plugins.

I think Roblox has purposely broken the Toolbox to try and combat the issue until it’s fixed.


This was an unintentional regression and we are investigating what we can do to fix.


Awesome, Thanks for the support.


Ah, well I dont blame em.


This is now fixed.


Awesome man, thanks for the help.