Toolbox missing 'My' options in some instances



When I’m editing a game that I haven’t published to Roblox, options such as My Decals and My Models don’t appear in the Toolbox.

It works fine when the game is published:

Can't access the 'My' portion of toolbox

Not experiencing this bug anymore so I’m guessing it was fixed


Bug still continues.



Open studio
Make sure you’re signed in
Open toolbox

“My Models” “My Decals” and so on are missing. I’ve double checked that I’m logged in by uploading a place to my account & looking through the site while logged in through the ‘Find Plugins’ button.


This seems to happen randomly. Sometimes it doesn’t happen, sometimes it does. Once it happens to your studio window/s, it seems necessary to restart studio entirely for a chance to fix it.


Yes I have had this as well. Whenever I click “Create new place” in studio and then it opens a blank baseplate. The “my” and “group” portions are gone. But they show up sometimes as well.


This is still happening and it is harming my workflow on a daily basis. Need to fully restart the Studio window to get rid of the bug, and there’s still a chance it appears again on the restart, so it might take multiple restarts before I can insert an item from my inventory. (without going through other means of inserting such items)


I swear its gotten worse now. Now it’s happening to me for games that I have published, and studio is also randomly hiding the toolbox window. What’s causing this?


Yep, this has been happening to me for the last week. It’s very frustrating.


I got weird stuff today with the toolbox window.
It wasn’t showing anything inside it, no matter which item from the drop-down menu I chose.
I tried multiple places and in one the Toolbox icon was highlighted in the View menu, but it wasn’t showing on screen.
Stranger still was the fact that whatever I searched for in the Search bar (like the number 4) came up in the Output bar reading;
Searched for: “4”
I closed down Studio and restarted and the issue went away, but thought I’d do a search through the devforum to see if others were having issues as well.