Toolbox models are safe to use?

If I use toolbox models in my game, is there any possibility of being processed by copyright?


No. All models in the toolbox are open source and can be used by you.

If you get a warning for copyright, I believe the uploader will be punished, not you.

It’s best to just not use toolbox models in the first place as there is a possibility some could contain scripts to create lag in your game, or something similar. You can, however, use the models by ROBLOX themselves, which are marked with an orange symbol and are completely safe.

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Content uploaded publicly to the Toolbox >BY THE ORIGONAL CREATOR OF THE IP< (IP = Intellectual Property) is not copywritten and would only be removed if that item was uploaded by someone other than the original creator who then requests it’s removal.

If those assets however where ripped or heavily based off of or inspired from other IP, then those individuals would also be able request removal (example: using assets created by Nintendo). But that’s about it, and usually the chances of that happening is very very slim unless you’re profiting off of their IP. Games like Pokemon Brick Bronze where removed in the past due to IP usage for instance, though the usual workaround would be to simply remove the asset from your game when requested.

Until then I wouldn’t stress too much about copyrighted assets in the library unless it’s a blatant ripoff…


So if I were to use music from the toolbox with the orange symbol indicating that it was made by roblox I wouldn’t get copyrighted

Exactly. The audio Roblox uploaded are all copyright free. :ok_hand:

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Ok, thank you for that! :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes, all the models with the orange symbol mean they were endorsed by Roblox so they are completely safe to use.

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Ok, thank you for that! :slightly_smiling_face:

If you’re going to use a model in the toolbox, I suggest you get a plugin like venom that searches for scripts inside of the model. Place the model on an empty baseplate so it cant do damage to your actual games, and you can either use a plugin or manually find scripts and delete them.

I understood about the danger of scripts and I was even aware of that. What I haven’t yet concluded is: Can I lose my game by using a toolbox model?

Sadly, no. You will get punished for copyright or anything like that if you insert a model. The publisher won’t get punished.

Example: Someone posts malicous bubble chat script that bypasses filter, gets you banned when you insert model trying to turn on bubble chat.

There’s no possible way for your game to be taken away from you if you use a free model, and if that is a possibility somehow, then it would be incredibly rare.

The toolbox contains many infected models. But sometimes it doesn’t.

Personally, I prefer those who like it very much. I check it even after I get it.
Usually the dislike number tells us everything. Tells if scripts are running, if they contain viruses

There is also an add-on that protects against viruses. You can also choose them.

I usually watch videos and write scripts whenever I need them. Other than that, I do all my modeling myself.

As a result, most things in the toolbox can be safe.


No, they are put on the toolbox for sale.
If they do copyright you, they will be the ones getting punished.

  1. Toolbox non-verified Models are not safe.
  2. Toolbox Models have viruses.
  3. If you use ToolBox Models then it may harm your game.
  4. Some Models may affect your scripts or graphics and you don’t know.
  5. Copyrighted Models may cause Malicious viruses.

For example: if someone gets scammed for free models, you will get reported.

But toolbox models are good for learning how scripts work.


I suggest to not use the toolbox, as these are used as FMs.