Toolbox models permission

If someone uploads a item into the toolbox does this mean they are automatically giving you permission to use it in your game and if you did use it in your game after it’s been uploaded in the toolbox could you still receive a DMCA strike if they uploaded it to the toolbox but they just don’t want you to use it in your game or they uploaded it to the toolbox by mistake?

Yes, they are automatically giving you permission to use their model. That’s why it is on the toolbox in the first place. You can’t get a DMCA strike from using them. Just check the scripts inside the models for malicious code.

Toolbox is a place where devs can get stuff for free. but problem there backdoor script inside model you need to check correctly there backdoor script inside or no.

The toolbox would be like the asset store in unity, except everything is free and some models have malicious code in them. When a user uploads an Item to the toolbox they are granting every user on roblox to use on various ways the content they are uploading. Some people might ask that you give them credit but you don’t have to. The toolbox is a place for people to get free assets to help them with the development of their game. If by some misfortune someone accidentally uploads something to the toolbox (which is very hard to accidentally do this), then that would be their problem and they can remove it but there is nothing they can do about they people who did use it.

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As long as the model was originally created by the person who uploaded and sold it, then all versions of the model should be free to use.

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