Toolbox not capable of inserting large models

I tried inserting a “mansion” model from the toolbox to run some StreamingEnabled tests.

Upon clicking the model, my client went “Not Responding” for over 10 minutes and is still stuck there. The toolbox has been crashing when inserting large models as far back as 2009 - it would be great to see this get fixed as the toolbox is likely used heavily by newer users.

Platform: Windows 10

Edit: this line is visible in the frozen client’s output, if this is related


The datamodel loading log is 100% unrelated, I don’t understand why studio has to tell you that the datamodel is loading in the output though

Hi there, can you please let us know the ID of the asset (mansion model) you are having problems with?

You can obtain this by right clicking the asset in the Toolbox and clicking “Copy Asset ID”:


has a bug been entered in jira for this?

This could just be due to PC performance issues, not a bug. Your computer might not have enough RAM to store your game models. I have also experienced my studio not responding after importing a large model. Although, my specs are high enough to handle it, and usually responds in about 10 seconds, even with maps as big as this:

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