Toolbox not updating

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Hello! So, I’ve recently made a quite few models, which I wanted to put on the toolbox for free. But I have a problem:
Well, so I decided to actually put 2 of my models that were already free to take off-sale, and changed their Allow Copying to disabled, then put all of my other models I wanted to put on sale, and set Allow Copying enabled. My problem is - my toolbox doesn’t update. And I mean, in the My Creations section, every model is shown and it says that it’s on-sale for free, but when I go to the main toolbox page, and search for my username then the old models that I already put off-sale are still shown, but well the ones I just put on-sale aren’t.

My question is: Is there any delay for toolbox updating? Or is it just some other bug? Any help is appracticed!

I would try logging out out of roblox and roblox studio and restarting both.

Oh actually, I tried that but it didn’t work. Now after a few hours I see the change.

So the solution is basically just to wait a few hours.

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Oh ok, I’m glad you found a solution.