Toolbox on Studio is completly broken and unusable

Does anybody else have this issues with the toolbox currently?

I got these issues specificaly
Toolbox window
Toolbox instance in RobloxPluginGuiService
Core packages error

I already tried to go on a team create place, plubished place, non-published place, rebooting my computer, closing and reopening studio

It’s been since yesterday (05/06/22 : MM/DD/YY) I’m getting this issues, does anybody else get it? and does anybody know how to fix this?


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Try uninstalling then reinstalling Roblox Studio

that actually work, I didn’t really want to try but yeah it worked, thanks!

The problem is essentially way worse now since I believe this month some models are being purged and I don’t like it. I think this might be from Roblox’s end but it could be the developers not making these models public anymore.